Honestly now, wouldn't your company benefit from a CMO guidance?


Revenue being left on the table

If you have handed your marketing budgets to an inexperienced marketer or even dabble at it yourself without expert support, your acquisition channels could very well be underperforming, the channel mix may not be optimal or the messaging ineffective for your target audience. Either way you are missing out on potential revenue. 


Uninformed marketing decisions

If you’re relying on growth marketing advice from your network, Facebook groups, or articles by brands you admire, beware of the common pitfalls:

  • Implementing growth activities unsuitable for your business, domain or the stage in your company's life-cycle
  • Wasted resources on irrelevant tactics
  • Decision making paralysis in light of endless, contradictory advice

Endless trial and error loops

Sure, you can always A/B test each and every possible marketing activity in order to find the optimal mix for your company

  • As a startup you are in a race against time
  • Your budget is limited

I was incredibly impressed by the comprehensive skill set that the CMO brought to the table.  The analytical approach was refreshing and highly effective. 

Eyal Ronen, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Puls

Things you'll love about CMOJO


Generating growth at-scale is an optimisation problem that takes years to master. We adopt the mindset of an engineer, dissecting your company’s messaging, growth metrics and KPIs

Your Very Own
Growth Playbook

We then provide you with a blueprint for a demand generation machine tailored uniquely for your business. No more guesswork. 


The blueprints provided are based on growth tactics that we have applied successfully to scale tech companies from pre-seed to scale-up stage and beyond, now adapted specifically for your company

How It Works

Free Discovery Call

We'll start out with a free discovery call to assess fit for both sides. Sadly we can not accept every company applying.

Metrics Intake

Once a plan is selected and ahead of your first session, you will be requested to share key business metrics by filling in a short online questionnaire (yes, we are absolutely fine with signing an NDA beforehand)

Access a World-Class CMO

A video conference call will be scheduled with a dedicated CMO. They will review your marketing operations and main funnel KPIs, identify growth blockers and provide you with a growth playbook (scope differs by plan)

Choose Your Mojo

Whether a one-time marketing boost or a regular access to a world-class CMO, we have the right plan for you 


  • A single session with an experienced CMO
  • Deep dive into a specific growth challenge you are facing
  • Deliverable: Mapping of key growth blockers and immediate action items

Marketing Team Building

  •  Existing team skill gap analysis
  •  Recommended resource plan, across in-house and  external resources
  •  In-house talent hiring plan + JD review
  • Due diligence of 3 shortlisted candidates 
  • Deliverables:       
    * Marketing resource plan 
    addressing both in-house and outsourced talent

    *  Marketing talent assessment interview & report  for 3 shortlisted candidates
  • Most Popular

     Growth Playbook

    • A series of 6 Sessions with an experienced CMO 
    • Can be bundled into a single-day growth offsite
    •  Analysis of the inner workings of your demand generation machine
    • Deliverables:
      * 6-months growth playbook / marketing plan, uniquely tailored for your business
      * 2 sessions of guided execution of playbook       


    Just Ask

    • We realise that one size doesn't fit all and can craft a plan that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business.
    Most Popular

    Advisory Board Membership
    as a service


    • An experienced CMO will join your board of advisors,  
    • The CMO will participate in a monthly advisory board meeting
    •  The CMO will, in addition, conduct two monthly power hour sessions with yourself or your team.
    • Unlimited access to advisory service via Slack
    • Deliverables: 
      Short term growth action plan
       following each session



    • An experienced CMO will join your board of advisors and will participate in a monthly advisory board meeting
    •  The CMO will conduct Two monthly power hour sessions with yourself or your team.
    • In addition, the CMO will develop a tailored growth playbook for your company and review of progress against it on an on-going basis
    • Unlimited access to advisory service via Slack
    • Deliverables:
       * Tailored growth playbook, reviewed and fine-tuned on an on-going basis.
      * Short term action items, following each session


    Just Ask

    • We understand that one size doesn't necessarily fit all and can craft a plan that will be tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

    This is Why Tech Founders
    Love CMOJO


      The CMO was simply one of the smartest people I’ve met. She had the insight to see things others don't, and as a direct result of this we were first to market with innovative offerings that drove our success.  

    Benny Arbel

    CEO & Co-founder, InceptionXR


      The CMO understood the tactics and practicalities of business growth and how to achieve it on a startup budget. CMOJO would be a key driver to any tech business. 

    Laurent Gibb

     Serial entrepreneur & Co-founder of StaffHeroes 


     After implementing the 'Power Hour' action items, we saw a huge increase in recurring, high value clients from the target segment we wanted. It was like being guided by a marketing “GPS”, pointing us at the right direction. I was incredibly happy with the result. 

    Shneor Crombie

    CEO & Founder, Bobtrade


     The CMO had a background in Engineering and was truly a pleasure to work with. Responsible, professional and effective. This service gives an edge to growth stage tech businesses. 

    Lior Libman

    Co-founder & COO, Onehourtranslation.com

    Companies like yours enjoy faster growth with the help of some Mojo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are not being guided by an experienced marketer, you are most likely wasting precious capital and time resources. An experienced CMO knows what excellent looks like in terms of building a demand generation machine and positioning your business effectively to your target audience. It’s the difference between navigating an uncharted territory blindly or with the help of a GPS.

    Ambitious startup founders who would like to give their business an edge (in the form of some CMO mojo) and avoid costly acquisition mistakes.

    The talent you will access through CMOJO is unlikely to offer their services as contractors. They are typically high in demand for full time roles at tech companies and recommended through word of mouth for advisory board membership roles of selected companies.

    Throughout their careers the CMOs behind CMOJO have been approached by early stage startup founders seeking their advice yet unable to afford their services full time. The CMO-as-a-Service model provides an easy discovery and matching platform between founders seeking CMO advice and CMOs seeking advisory opportunity in a mutually beneficial arrangement for both sides.

    Not at all. We realise this process would require sharing quite a bit of sensitive business information and are happy to sign an NDA.

    As soon as you schedule a free discovery call

    Of course! We’ll be happy to provide a reference during the discovery call.

    We fully expect you’ll be delighted with CMOJO service. In the unlikely event that you’re not, we’ll give you your money back. Period.